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Dear brothers and sisters,

As you know the education of our children is a matter of general interest and we touched upon
it in past communications of the CC.

We are proud to raise our children in a manner that prepares them to master their life intellectually and spiritually. In fact, many graduates from Sahaj schools have excelled academically and professionally. Their accomplishment is also a tribute to the much appreciated efforts of all those who involved themselves selflessly in support of the Sahaj schools.

Over the years we had, and will continue to have, frank interactions amongst ourselves to seek improvement, to learn from both success and mistakes and to exchange on how we may secure the best care for the children, how to commit to a culture of open communication and accountability. Secrecy is not our management approach.

At the same time we have now been made aware that some people publicly express their views on the recent challenges in Cabella in a manner that increases the confusion on the issue. Our perception of the situation is the following. This is an attack led by a magistrate against the school in Italy using heavy-handed legal tactics aimed at intimidating Sahaja yoga.

This is not the first one – such attempts at destabilization have been tried elsewhere and before without success, yet it still is a complete disgrace. It brings shame to the institutions that have been misused to carry out this assault on our freedom of belief, our freedom to educate our children in that climate of innocence, which is in complete conformity with the codes of morality our elders once upon a time used to follow. We are confident that facts will be allowed to speak,
that our children will evidently show that they are not only normal but also excellent, and that truth will prevail. If there are administrative issues they must be addressed but, by any stretch of imagination, they do not warrant a police operation mobilizing over 50 officers.

This is not the moment to feed misunderstandings by comments on the web that can be used by people with malevolent intentions. Helping through solidarity and meditation will be more effective than voicing opinions. Especially with the challenges they are facing, the parents of the school, which are bearing the brunt of this aggression, need our fullest dynamic vibrational support. We need to bear in mind that what we put into the ether could fall into the wrong hands and be used against us, through manipulation, in court. This does not mean that issues should not be dealt with within our sangha, but we cannot ignore the serious and particular nature of this hostility and as a consequence of this, we need to assert a higher level of discretion and restraint with respect to the information we put into the web and over which we do not have control.

In general we invite everyone to exert discretion in putting Sahaj related material on the web as some information cannot really be digested by the public without a previous level of experience. Some speeches or texts for instance make sense only after having been validated by the experience of Self-realization. The hostility against us in the lamentable attack on our school reminds us that bigot prejudices exist. Let us not feed them.

We are very confident that Sahaj speaks for itself and that the thousands of people all over the world who benefitted from the teachings of Shri Mataji do not need any coaching in sharing their experiences. Every day we see new creative initiatives, many to the credit of the youth. We are encouraged and strengthened by this. Sahaj is growing and it shall not be stopped. Yet, we cannot ignore the justified call for discretion that we have been requested to pass on.

Thank you for your understanding and attention to this appeal.

With love,
the members of the Central Committee

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