Frequently Asked Questions on the Global Central Committee

What is the origin of the CC?

Shri Mataji gave direct instructions to create the CC to a group of yogis around Her on the stage at the end of the 2008 Guru Puja. Several exchanges took place from 2008 to 2011 on the creation of the CC but action was postponed to give time to build up consensus.

Following the release of the video of Shri Mataji’s instructions worldwide (this video is on the homepage of the CC website), the CC was created.

How was the CC constituted?

Many countries came up with a membership list. Hence consultations within a significant number of countries all over the world produced a list of members that was retained as a basis for selection during a meeting of National Coordinators at Guru Puja 2011 in Cabella. Criteria such as gender or younger generation were also selected in arriving at the final choice that was validated by vibrations before the picture of Shri Mataji in a simple ceremony.

Is the CC a representative body?

When Shri Mataji, years back, selected 5 world leaders there were three from Europe, one from India and one from Australia. Similarly in her verbal instructions at Guru Puja 2008, She advised to keep the group small. (She first mentioned 5 people!). In other words the CC created by Shri Mataji is not a political representative body in the UN sense where each region nominates its representative.

Is the CC an executive body?

The CC does not have executive powers. It shared its vision of itself in a Charter that was discussed with national leaders and circulated on SWAN in June 2012. The CC sees itself as an advisory body, playing a necessary role of information and coordination that derives from the comments of Shri Mataji and the needs of the collective. However it also received the mandate to attend to issues and, in this context, has communicated what it considers the necessary conditions for mediation in case of a conflict where parties would seek the CC’s help.

How is the List of International Pujas prepared?

National leaders, the Foundation and the CC exchanged on this topic and came to a common understanding. Shri Mataji granted pujas all over the world and in the light of this example, the CC believes it would please Her that as many devotees as possible, irrespective of wealth, social status or location, can participate in these collective festivals of worship, which spread vibrations all around the world as was the case in the past. Moreover many nationalities often join during international pujas and this has a positive effect for the cohesion of our global sangha.

This means that not all pujas can be located in one location, which is favorable to countries in that region but penalizing with travel costs those who are more remote. A balance is sought between a number of pujas a) in India, our Yoga bhumi, b) in Cabella, Our Guru’s last residence and c) in countries enabled by the capacity of mature collectives to host international pujas. In this respect the experiences of pujas in Brasilia(Brazil), Penang (Malaysia) or Kiev (Ukraine) beautifully expressed how Shri Mataji spreads Her blessings.