August 2012 Update

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August 2012 update

Shri Mataji requested the creation of a CC in 2008 when the World Council was still in function, so She knew of course the circumstances in which this first body would come to pass. Her purpose for the CC will gradually unfold, no doubt also through the goodwill of all. In the meantime we drafted the Charter and we feel the CC can be effective within the bandhan of collective love and support.

The CC met for the first time face to face at Guru Puja 2012, one year after its establishment and had the good fortune to present itself to the collective during the Saturday evening program. We thank the many yoginis and yogis who approached us to express their support; we thank Shri Mataji for a wonderful day and wish now to share an update on ongoing matters.

  1. International gatherings and events.

    With respect to International Pujas, the CC recalls that Shri Mataji granted the celebration of various pujas all over the world and maintaining this tradition is homage paid to Her. While pujas take place at all time all over the world, international pujas facilitate encounters and mixing across borders as constantly encouraged by Shri Mataji. The CC will interact with interested countries so as to ascertain the availability to co‐host pujas or to host the 2013 international pujas. In countries where there are inner differences on this matter, the CC encourages the local council to make its best efforts to table a consensus proposal.

    In some instances (Shri Krishna/Shri Ganesha pujas for example) the international puja schedule has been adapted in order to facilitate international seminars, world festivals etc to take place. This has been the case for several years now and the CC did not change this practice for the time being. At the same time yoginis and yogis wishing to celebrate in their own collectives these festivals according to the auspicious time of the lunar calendar must feel free to do so.

    With respect to events in India Shri Mataji said that India should have its own CC and this creates maryadas the CC wishes to respect. The CC is happy to integrate puja proposals in the global schedule but does not decide. In this context the CC encourages institutions in India (National Trust/Life eternal Trust) to table a consensus proposal for hosting international pujas. In 2012 the CC regrets that this is not yet the case. The National Trust recently announced a Diwali puja in Rajasthan while the LET maintains the previously agreed location of Nirmal Dham in Delhi for the same puja. Let us remember that Shri Mataji used to host Shiva puja in Poona, Birthday puja in Delhi and Christmas puja in Ganapatiphule. For 2013 and in the light of the ongoing disagreements, we hope that pujas next year will reflect to some extent the traditions Shri Mataji laid down.

    We have few occasions where we meet globally and maintain the feeling and reality of being a global sangha where people can meet and celebrate together. Thus it seems important to promote World Realization Day, regional tours (e.g. India, Asia) and festivals in Cabella.

    Meeting in Cabella, brings social enjoyment and it should increasingly become an opportunity to go deeper in meditation and understanding the instrument (Tantra) and technique (Yantra) of Sahaja Yoga. Spiritual growth is the foundation of its living culture, based on inner experience. The CC is grateful to all those who help in uplifting such events.

  2. Emergency affecting one of our collectivities

    Some of us went to jail because of their beliefs. Sahaja yoga is concerned about individual self improvement, collective morality and ethics. It does not focus on political activities. Shri Mataji exhorted Sahaja yogis to have complete respect for the Prophet Mohammed, Azrat Ali or Fatima and we pray this should help to perceive Sahaja yoga in its true dimension and restore justice to our Iranian brothers and sisters. In the meantime our spontaneous affection and generosity should comfort them in the hour of need.

    At Guru Puja the CC has expressed its full sympathy and support to our sisters and brothers that are facing such ordeals and reiterate at the same time the need for the necessary wisdom in facing such emergencies: our inner capacity to truly access Sahasrara shall bring us on the course that can truly make a difference.

  3. Presentation of the CC to the collective

    There was a presentation of the CC before the collective on Saturday evening before Guru Puja. There were two key messages:
    Back to basics In terms of our individual and collective growth we find it essential that all brothers and sisters go back to basics and listen to the talks of Shri Mataji. Her knowledge is complete. Attempts to innovate in terms of theories, rituals or methodologies are often more an expression of the conditionings or ego of the innovator than a response to a real need of the sangha.

    Unity with honesty. There cannot be a Sahaja yoga A, B or C because we are all One. Yet reaching and manifesting unity is often challenged today. The will to exert power is by no means a condition to be on any of the Sahaj bodies but rather the desire to achieve, restore or nurture the quality of relationships between us that would please Shri Mataji. In this respect sincerity and dharma are the key ingredients.

    Furthermore, in response to queries from yogis, we wish to share our understanding of the deep need for respecting the vibrations, sakshat the Wind of the Holy Ghost, that binds us to Shri Mataji in her Nirakar form..
    A sahaj personality expresses one’s relationship to vibrations by being truthful, genuine and loving rather than inventing new methods or imposing complicated procedures. This is increasingly recognized in the collective. Vibrations express our connection with the Divine and we should respect a heart felt protocol rather than a mechanical process: we do not use vibrations to push a specific agenda but, in full humility and surrender, to receive guidance.


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