Becoming the Spirit

Posted by the Central Committee & filed under Communications.

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

It is the goal of our collective spiritual journey to gradually become the Spirit, the Atma. The Spirit is the ultimate reality of our being, while everything else is transitory and evolutionary. We have been connected to the Spirit when receiving our self-realisation and while we do have a rapport with “It” when we feel the cool vibrations on our hands, the manifestation of the Shiva Tattva, the full and conscious realisation of the Self is still to be experienced.

As Shri Mataji has explained in 1984, during the Mahashivaratri Puja in Pandharpur, when the Kundalini awakens it first rushes to the feet of Sadashiva (Paramatma) on top of our head. Then His light reflects into our hearts and the seven auras of our Atma start shining into our chakras and integrating them into a complete tree of life. After this initial awakening the journey towards the Self begins!

The attention is to identify with the Spirit and we gradually learn to witness the actions and reactions of our relative personality. We aspire to detach more and more from the desires, habits and conditionings of our “program” and seek the absolute reality of our being. Ultimately the Spirit is to enter from our heart into our brain, and we are to experience “Its” full realisation. This is when the Individual becomes the collective being and a state of all -oneness replaces the world of duality. We enter the fifth dimension; the Spirit becomes the doer and we fully understand God.

In many precious talks Shri Mataji explained this process in more details and aspects, elaborating beautifully on the nature of the Atma and the Shiva Tattva. At the Mahashivaratri Puja of 2002 in Pune, She highlighted the importance of both aspects of Sahaja Yoga, the vertical growth towards the Spirit and the horizontal spreading of Sahaja Yoga. So often did She tell us that the Spirit is the reality of our being and that the becoming of it is the goal of our spiritual ascent! Shri Mataji frequently expressed how She hoped that many would achieve Shiva Tattva during Her lifetime.

While we are all so beautifully committed to Mother’s vision of changing the world with Sahaja Yoga, and while we enjoy the many projects, tours and events, let us equally embrace the dimension of the Atma and desire it with bhakti and intense religious aspiration. Let us offer regular Shiva Pujas to Shri Mataji and let us hold specific workshops and seminars, where we listen to Shri Mataji’s most precious lectures about the Atma and “Its” ultimate realisation. Let us make sure that all of Mother’s talks on the topic are being translated, widely spread and appropriately used in our courses to newcomers.

Becoming the Spirit is the purpose and goal of our evolution and Shri Mataji has given us Her full Nirmala Vidya to achieve this goal in this lifetime. With our collective desire, attention and practice, we are sure that the state of Shiva Tattva can become a reality for many and that the culture of the Spirit can be established within us and in everything we do in and for Sahaja Yoga.

With love and respect, Members of the CC