Second Communication

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Dear Sisters and Brothers,

The destination that Shri Mataji has set for all Her spiritual children is hugely inspirational. The individual streams of consciousness of each of them is to merge into and reveal a collective consciousness. This shall open access to the universal unconscious, the mind of God.

It flows from this vision that the real movement in sahaja yoga depends on the depth and fo‐ cus of consciousness of every yogi and yogini and not from any organisation or institution. It is with this humbling acknowledgement that we wish to share the following.

A central committee has been constituted at the recent Shri Guru Puja in Cabella.

The committee was created according to the last instructions our beloved Shri Mataji had given to us in public ‐ at Shri Guru Puja 2008.

The members of this committee are now in a process of assuming this unexpected role and are seeking guidance and direction thru meditation and introspection. We will meet in the coming months where ‐and whenever possible and will strive to define and form this committee in the transforming and cleansing flame of our common love for Shri Mataji and Sahaja Yoga.

Meanwhile we would like to appeal to all Sahaja Yogis to join us in this meditation and to go deep into the silence of the spirit.

We would like to appeal to all Sahaja Yogis to reinforce our collective desire to go beyond the confusion and relativity of our human nature and to anchor our purified attention in Sahasrara, where nothing can disturb the majestic joy of Nirvikalpa.

Finally we would like to recommend constraint in our collective internet communication. Instead let us practice dignity and sweetness and find joy in the nobility and saintliness of our behaviour as well as in our joint responsibility for the public image and reputation of Shri Mataji’s Sahaja Yoga.

We look forward to serving Shri Mataji and we thank you all for your benevolence and support.

With much Love,
The members of the Central Committee


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