In Memory of the 23rd February 2011

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On the 23rd February we shall commemorate in the depth of our hearts a grave moment of our collective journey.

After a life unequalled in the history of mankind and after having established the Vishwa Nirmala Dharma in the lives of hundreds of thousands of disciples and devotees, Parampuja Shri Mataji, sakshat Shri Adi Shakti, had left Her physical body behind on that very day last year.

As Shri Mataji had said many times, there was an invisible bond of a mutual dependency between Her and us. One could not be without the other, One existed because of the other. With a compassion, love and patience of divine nature, She had lived Her life with each of us, She has blessed and decorated each of us, not only with our spiritual awakening, but also with ornaments of beautiful memories of a fairy tale like kinship, of a relationship so precious and divine, into which She had invited us so graciously, so motherly, to care for us and to nourish us with Her infinite flow of love and chaitanya.

The departure of our beloved Mother, Guru and Deity, for which She had so tenderly and self‐denyingly prepared us, has been a moment of tremendous grief for us all, who have tasted Her incomparable kindness and love. But at the same time it became more and more clear, that She is eternal, that our relationship with Her is eternal, that each old and new Sahaja Yogi will forever be invited into this divine Mother – child relationship and will be nourished with end‐ less love and chaitanya flowing from Her divine lotus feet.

While we all have shared the experience of the greatest loss, have shared feelings of immeasurable pain and loneliness, She was there in Her Nirakara presence to comfort us and to gradually make us understand that nothing had actually ended or changed, only that, within the mutual dependency of this eternal divine connection with Her, the relationship had to be transformed for the sake of our continuing spiritual growth.
In the divine alchemy of Her cultivation of a collective spiritual child, She has now altered this connection to the highest form of bhakti, to the pure and absolute Yoga with Her in our Sahasrara, where our Atma dissolves and merges into Her supreme and eternal Divinity.

The day of 23rd of February, this year and in every following year, shall be a day of meeting Her in the intimate privacy of our heart. It shall be a day of collective memory, a day, where all of us come together in our meditation as well as in our various many individual and collective pujas or events, where we offer our innermost feelings and prayers to the lotus feet of our most beloved Shri Mataji.
Also let it be a day where we renew our desire and our effort to progress in our inner growth, to become forever established in the state of oneness with the Goddess at Sahasrara and thus pay justice to the redeeming incarnation of our unforgettable Mother and Guru.

On the 23rd of February 2012 there will be a ceremony at Nirmal Dham in Delhi and various
gatherings and events in all countries. All of them will be carried out with utmost sacred dignity, with solemn and intense feelings of devotion, but also with a deep inner joy and sense of freedom in our eternal oneness with the Great Goddess. May we humbly suggest that on that day, at 04.30 pm Genoa time, every Sahaja Yogini and Yogi in the world endeavors to join the collective commemoration by going into deep silence.

We send our thanks and best wishes to all those, who will organize such celebrations and we extend our sincerest love and strong feelings of closeness to all our Sahaj brothers and sisters for this first anniversary of HER Mahasamadhi.

Your brothers and sister from the CC.

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