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Back to the source

The Nirmala Vidya Portal is in the last phase of testing and has already been submitted to the national coordinators for review and feedback.
In the past, the knowledge of Our Satguru and Mother was available mostly through the physical distribution of cassettes and videos. You will be soon happy to enter through this magnificent Portal and enjoy the grand legacy of Shri Mataji.

People comment that, whenever they listen to a speech of Shri Mataji, they hear something that they need to hear at this precise moment of their life. There is magic at work here. Her speeches contain so many layers of blessings packed behind Her words. Soon, all of us, whereever we are, will be empowered to go back to the source, to the primordial knowledge, the spring of living water that flows in the midst of the New Jerusalem. We are so grateful to our brothers and sisters who worked hard to make this widely and freely accessible.

A moment in the week

The collective carried many initiatives for the Project 90 in celebration of the Birthday of Shri Mataji and we appreciate everyone’s engagement and feedback. We have been advised to maintain the project related to the quotes of HH Shri Mataji. By receiving these quotes, each week, in our mailbox, we spend a brief moment, at work or elsewhere, nurtured by Her love and wisdom.


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Record of past communications

There were requests for copies of some of the previous communications of the Central Committee (CC) and also, now and then, for information concerning the genesis of the CC. We have put together a site to respond to these queries. This is a website which is in the process of development and it can be altered later according to needs, so this is by no means a ‘final version’ of the website.

The address of the site is


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