Puja Celebrations in 2012

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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

On the 23rd February, we shall commemorate in the depth of our hearts a grave moment of our collective life. As Shri Mataji left Her physical body we are called upon to rise in our depth, maturity and togetherness. We sense we all want to embark in the year 2012 with the resolve to forge a sense of common purpose for our international Sangha. In this respect we are re‐ turning to a tradition that we followed when Our Mother was traveling everywhere on this planet: we pray to Her that the global celebrations of our worship across the world will spread vibrations and auspiciousness and give the opportunity to join to many sisters and brothers that otherwise would not be able to do so. We are deeply grateful for the countries who volunteered to host Pujas next year. Here is the updated version of the puja schedule for 2012.


The calendar is based on feedback from various hosting countries and what was found to be the most auspicious and practical dates for having the Pujas according to lunar and Date Pan‐ chang (Shalivahana) calendars. In this respect we took advise from brothers on the Board of the Foundation that were involved in the process before. The Puja schedule for 2012 with suggested co‐hosting arrangements is as follows:

  1. Shivaratri puja, 18th‐ 21st February Brazil, Brasilia. Co hosting the Americas
  2. Birthday Puja 19‐21st March India, Chindwara
  3. Easter Puja: Cabella, 8th April, Italy; co hosting: Spain
  4. Shri Buddha puja: (Asia) April 27‐29 Malaysia, Penang, co‐hosting: China, Hong Kong,
    Indonesia, Japan, Singapore,Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines
  5. Sahasrara puja: Cabella, 6th May Austria, Germany,; co‐hosting: Slovenia, Hungary,
    Czech Republic, Slovakia
  6. Adi Shakti puja: Bloxham Farm UK, 10th June UK; co‐ hosting: Belgium, Holland, Ireland
  7. Shri Adi Guru Puja, Cabella (8th July) Turkey; co hosting: Bulgaria, India, Iran, Italy, Portugal, Russia
  8. Shri Krishna Puja: Cabella (26 Aug) Switzerland; co‐hosting: Scandinavian countries, Finland, Poland, the Baltic’s, the Americas
  9. Shri Ganesha Puja/marriages: Cabella (2nd Sept,) Italy; co‐hosting: Australia, Romania, New Zealand
  10. Navaratri Puja; Cabella, 21st October France; co‐hosting: Africa, Israel, Greece, Cyprus, UK
  11. Diwali Puja: India, Delhi (Nov; date to be confirmed)
  12. Christmas Puja: Kiev, Ukraine, 25th Dec Ukraine

We realize we have not been able to contact all the concerned countries for co hosting arrangements; so the above suggestions are simply meant to help in moving forwards but are very much in the hands of the respective countries. Concretely:

Pujas in Cabella: please kindly note that proposals for co hosting arrangements are left with the countries that are invited to confirm without delays their agreement or proposed adjustments with the Foundation. A co‐hosting country may be prepared to co host more than one puja. Announcements for the celebrations will be sent in due time by the host countries through the Foundation.
Pujas outside of Italy: similarly, countries wishing to co host one of these Pujas are invited to liaise with the host country with respect to finalizing co‐hosting arrangements. Of course they
can also interact with us if they so wish. Announcements for the celebrations will be sent in due time by the host country to national coordinators and SWAN.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation and let us look forward to a joyous and powerful year of worship at the Lotus Feet of Our Divine Mother,

With love and respect to all, The Central Committee.

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