Puja Celebrations in 2013

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Dear brothers and sisters,

Please find the International Puja Schedule for 2013 taking into account the last feedbacks we received on the subject.

We have already answered on another occasion questions about how we proceed and, for the sake of transparency, we would like to share with all of you that we responded along the following lines.

After the departure of our beloved Mother from Her physical body some of the things She used to do Herself must now unavoidably be done by ourselves. Among these are the puja schedule and the marriages. That is how, also on request from the Foundation, the CC faced the task of organizing the puja schedule and necessarily the divine perfection was replaced by the human limitations.

What we can assure to the sangha is that we tried our level best in order to accomplish this task in the best possible way. We consulted the lunar calendar, we took into account the practices that Shri Mataji had adopted lately regarding differences from that calendar and, finally we consulted the opinion of people who used to be near Shri Mataji when She made the puja calendar. Their input concerns notably the schedule of the Shri Krishna puja that was not corresponding to the lunar calendar to facilitate the festival in Cabella; the CC did not change this practice.

We interact with countries. This process is inclusive and results are announced this year earlier than ever before. In America or Asia, a regional consensus was arrived at through a dedicated preparation process. In Africa, the request originates from the country. In Europe the focus remains on Cabella.

Obviously we follow common sense criteria such as the willingness and capacity of the hosting country, cost and practicality or the subtle relationship of the country or continent with the deity that is worshipped. We find a balance between these criteria in the light of existing options and vibrations’ guidance. We cannot always have an ideal proposal but Her blessings, as we well know, can flow even through imperfect circumstances and instruments.
With respect to the most important country of India, we can only plead with our sisters/brothers in India to agree on the proposed schedule for this country in 2013 but you ´┐╝must be familiar with a situation, which remains delicate.

Indian sahaja yogis have the last word on this matter and we expect with some hope that they are speaking with one voice for the enclosed 2013 schedule.

Of course we do not claim to have done a perfect job. Nevertheless, who could have done this job in a flawless way? And in the case we did not do it, each country would choose a different date with serious risk of loss of vibratory resonance and lack of unity.

We also feel it is important to recognize the universal dimension of the sangha and we welcomed in this spirit the celebration of an international puja in Ukraine in 2012 or the interest expressed by the UK or South Africa to host a puja next year. By bringing these joyous festivals ´┐╝closer to people who do not have the resources to travel to India or Cabella we facilitate the vibrations of the sahaj celebrations to be widespread among different countries.
In connection to this, we also refer to the various occasions when Shri Mataji permitted such events during the period when She was in Her physical body.

We do use vibrations and other faculties God has given us in this process, and of course, we humbly seek the guidance of the Paramchaitanya. However, we do so in the way we have learned directly from Shri Mataji and as we have always done during Her lifetime. Therefore, we do not automatically conform to specific methodologies or procedures that were introduced more recently in some corners of the sangha. Again we do not claim to be above mistakes. Your constructive criticism is most welcome. Please join our efforts of preserving the most precious legacy of Shri Mataji: a united world sangha, a really universal brotherhood and sisterhood of enlightened people!

Jai Shri Mataji!

Your Sister and Brothers and from the Central Committee

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Puja Suggested Date For Puja Puja Date Day Place Organising Countries
Shivaratri .. 10th March Sunday To be announced by Hosting Country UK; co-hosting:Ireland
Birthday 19th-21st March 21st March Thursday Chindwara India
Easter Puja .. 31st March Sunday Cabella Italy; co-hosting:Romania, Spain, Turkey
Sahasrara Puja .. 5th May Sunday Cabella Austria, Germany; co-hosting Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia
Shri Buddha Puja .. 25th May Saturday To be announced by Hosting Country Thailand?; co-hosting: China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore,Taiwan, Vietnam, Philippines
Shri Adi Shakti Puja .. 23rd June Sunday Canajoharie USA; co hosting: Belgium, Estonia, France, Holland, Iceland, Spain
Shri Adi Guru Puja .. 21st Jtry Sunday Cabella Italy; co hosting: Bulgaria, India, Iran, Portugal, Russia, Turkey
Shri Krishna Puja .. 1st September Sunday Cabella Switzerland; co-hosting: Americas, Baltics, Finland, Poland, Scandinavian countries
Shri Ganesha Puja .. 8th September Sunday Cabella Austria/Italy; co-hosting: Asian countries, New Zealand
Navaratri Puja .. 13th October Sunday Cabella France?; co-hosting: Cyprus, Greece, Israel, UK, Ukraine
Diwali Puja .. 3rd November Sunday To Be Announced By Hosting Country India, Nirmal Dham?
Bhairava Puja .. 24th November Sunday Durban Republic of South Africa; co-hosting:African countries
Christmas Puja 23rd-25th December 25th December Wednesday Ganapatipule India