Reflections on the Last Years of Shri Mataji’s Earthly Life

Posted by the Central Committee & filed under Communications.

Dearest brothers and sisters,

Today, nine years after the Maha Samadhi of Shri Mataji, we see a flurry of activity and chatter on the internet, addressing aspects of our Divine Mother Shri Mataji’s health and medical care, which has brought with it waves of emotions in the Collective – anger, sadness, confusion, uncertainty.

Though it is understandable that there is a natural desire and perhaps a necessity for a collective reprocessing of the emotional trauma around Shri Mataji’s physical sacrifice during Her last years on Earth, which has caused anxiety and suspicion amongst many, we all wish for more auspicious and dignified communication related to the matter. While some of the interpretations and memories that have been circulated on the internet may have broadened the collective view on certain aspects of this difficult period, others, more speculative, have caused confusion, frustration and irritation.

For the sake of collective healing and of finding peace through our surrender to the impregnable maya of Shri Mataji’s last years, we need to overcome the temptation of judgement and inquisition but rather grow deeper in our understanding of Her infinitely sublime Incarnation.

The appearance of “Tapasya” She had created for Herself can only truly be comprehended in the light of recognition of Her Divine nature. She had often said, that every single moment of Her Advent was decided and planned long before Her birth and that this, Her Incarnation, was fully equipped and endowed accordingly.

Even if we were able to collect all the facts and perceptions of what happened, we will never be able to completely understand this phase of Shri Mataji’s illness because we cannot fully grasp what Her purpose was in allowing it to happen as it did. We know that no one can be in Shri Mataji’s presence without Her permission, and that nothing happens without Her sanction. Not even a blade of grass or an atom of the universe moves without Her permission. We can only introspect and try to imbibe the lessons She wanted to convey to us from those times.

In the same context it is important for all to understand and appreciate that most of the Sahaja Yogis attending on Shri Mataji during these years, serving and nursing and discussing medical treatment with Her, have been exceptional and outstanding in their commitment, their devotion, and their relentless and tireless service to the well-being of our beloved Shri Mataji. They deserve our greatest respect and gratitude. At the same time, if there was misbehavior or any willful undermining of Divine protocol, those Sahaja Yogis will know and will live with their memories. She is All-Knowing and Most Compassionate to all who seek Her forgiveness.

Whatever happened within Shri Mataji’s family, the complexities of their coexistence and Her medical treatment will – for the most part – remain subject to speculation. We are not entitled to, nor should we desire to explore this dimension of Shri Mataji’s human life in public but should instead accept and respect obvious boundaries of privacy and medical confidentiality with the dignity and nobility that behoves us as sons and daughters of Shri Mataji.

Let us all, with great humility, bow at Her Holy Lotus Feet asking forgiveness for our shortcomings then, today and tomorrow.

With love and respect,
The members of the Central Committee