Shri Mataji’s mandate to the Central Committee

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Cabella, after Guru Puja 20.07.2008

Transcript from the video in which Shri Mataji outlines the formation and mandate of the CC, Her specific words related to CC formation are highlighted in bold:

Shri Mataji: “You must form a Central Committee. Central Committee, maybe in London or maybe here. Wherever you feel like. One Central Committee. And then you can inform them what is happening, isn’t it? You have to tell what is happening.”

Yogis point out to Shri Mataji that there is a World Council. Shri Mataji continues: “One Central Committee you should have – about say, five people.

Gregoire asks, for communication? Shri Mataji responds: “No no (pauses then says) for communication. And if there is any problem or anything, so you can attend.“

Yogi says (translated from Hindi): “They are suggesting to do it here. Here in Cabella.”

Shri Mataji (translated from Hindi): “No, you can do it anywhere. Wherever you want. Form it with people from 4-5 countries. Form one here and one in India. Isn’t it? So if there is a problem here, you please let us know in India. And then tell me. Is it alright?

Shri Mataji to a yogi: “Put some kajal in your eyes”. She talks about his eyesight getting spoiled.

Shri Mataji gets ready to leave and exits the hall. She talks with some yogis on the way, but it is not audible.

(translated from Hindi) Shri Mataji: “How many have come from Canada?”  Yogis: 4-5 people came here, they also brought the gift. Shri Mataji: “I have not seen them”. More yogis talk. Shri Mataji: “I want(ed) to talk to them. Bring them tomorrow”.

As She is being lifted into the van outside: “You can start a Central Committee. They should approve. Of about 10 people.