About the Past, Unity and Truth

Posted by the Central Committee & filed under Communications.

Shri Mataji manifested Sahaja Yoga in the midst of the 1970s. Thus, as a young global spiritual collectivity we have a bright future, no doubt, and we see it every day. But we also start reflecting on our own history and this raises the question, how do we best deal with it?

We have a common treasure chest of incredibly beautiful and inspiring moments. We also went through more difficult episodes where we had to test our depth, discrimination and maturity. In several instances our togetherness has been challenged. In these instances, different yogis took sometimes different courses. Some saw themselves as the true guardians of the legacy of our Guru and Mother, with strong assumptions that others deviate from it. Those disagreeing with them invoke the same kind of legitimacy. If all do so, invoking the teachings of Shri Mataji or vibrations, we would need to conclude that the journey between illusion and truth within the sangha is not yet completed. We indeed have episodes of some of us revisiting moments of our history, others disagreeing on matters of institutions (this or that Trust) approaches (meditation versus yoga etc…) or even being divided in the context of political conflicts between countries.

We have written elsewhere about reconciliation and mediation but here we would like to add this. Our understanding that Adi Shakti is Mahamaya at Sahasrara level, to test us all as She warned us, invites us to be careful in dealing with other yogis. We need to resist the temptation to believe that those with whom we disagree are devoid of value or insincere. At the same time, unity may not be restored by easy compromises if indeed some negativity is lurking somewhere that we cannot embrace without harming the goodness we want to preserve. Our maryadas are to stand by dharma and truth.

Introspection and forgiveness on the other hand are essential; they will go a long way to dissipate the projections we may have, seeing others as illusory enemies. As long as we all are and behave as Her children, the path to love is open.

For instance, as we all know, there is great complexity to the history of the later years of our beloved Shri Mataji and while we can understand the desire to elucidate discrepancies during this period, we would overall recommend contributing to consolidation and unity with full faith in the Divine judgment and the self-regulating intelligence of the Paramchaitanya.

This collective child of the Adi Shakti, which She had created and nourished with divine love and under tremendous sacrifice, has great significance and importance for the evolution of man and it needs to grow now in strength and oneness in order to establish the full potential required.

Our devotion and respect for our Goddess and Guru Shri Mataji calls for the highest standards of sincerity when dealing with our desire for truth, love and unity. We need to love the truth and stand by it, as well as our togetherness and stand by it. May we seek Her blessings of wisdom to find the right balance to please Her and pass these tests, individually and collectively.


With love and respect – Members of the CC