Facing the needs of the time

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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Recent events around the world have reminded us that we are going through tumultuous times. Decades of hedonism without any connection to our spiritual roots has created imbalances in these times, and we are seeing the expression of the reaction to this take shape through fundamentalism. During these moments we are reminded of our Mothers’ words when She said that it was only through Kundalini awakening that this world can be brought back from the brink of destruction.

It would seem as if the momentum of these destructive events is gathering pace, that a sort of emergency is being created, which is forcing the world to introspect and assess why we find ourselves in this situation, and how we can collectively overcome it. Be it the issues of climate change, terrorism, military escalations etc, the challenges are in plain sight for everyone to see. In this spirit of introspection we would invite all the yogis around the world to look within.

Have we been able to show the dedication to cleansing ourselves that our Mother asked of us? Are we still fighting and arguing amongst ourselves, condemning each other, and busy splitting collectives? Are we effective instruments of our Mother that She can work through us to emancipate this world? Have we reached that state where our presence in society and in our countries is enough to expose the darkness and bring about a positive transformation?

Collectively, as a global sangha, let us apply our concentrated and dedicated attention to improving our inner purity and connection to the Paramchaitanya. Let us rigorously work it out within ourselves so that we can reach that state where our Mother might be proud to call us Her children and we become effective instruments of the Divine. Let us pray that through our collective purity and desire, the deepas, which exist in each and every human being, might be enlightened so the darkness in this world might be eradicated, and that the world can be offered to the Lotus Feet of our Mother.

In the same spirit of collective introspection and action, the Central Committee would like to invite all the collectives around the world to join in the following suggested events as they see fit:

  • We would propose that a havan might be organised in all collectives on December 31st so that the incoming year might be blessed with auspiciousness.
  • Let us try and make use of events such as Inner Peace Day, and World Realisation Day to spread the message of Sahaja Yoga in our individual countries and allow more seekers to walk on the path which our Mother worked so hard to build.
  • On the proposal from the Government of India, the United Nations pronounced June 21st as Yoga Day and we would invite collectives to approach their politicians to have this day recognised in their local countries and to use it as a platform to spread Sahaja Yoga. In this respect, the CC sent an email to the Minister of yoga in India last year, which is on our website under ‘Reference texts’. This letter might prove as a useful template for any communications with politicians or opinion makers.

We pray to our Divine Mother that our collective desire to become better instruments of the Paramchaitanya might be blessed with intensity and strength, so that ‘Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will be Done, On Earth as it is in Heaven’.

Jai Shri Mataji

With love and respect,
The members of the Central Committee

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