False gurus in Sahaja Yoga

Posted by the Central Committee & filed under Communications.

Dear brothers and sisters,

Shri Mataji warned us that only Sahaja Yogis could destroy Sahaja Yoga. The strongest attacks on the Sangha have indeed come from within and we are now facing a threat in some countries where self-appointed ex-Sahaja Yogi gurus are leading yogis away from the path of balance carefully built by our Mother.

Our evolution can only be achieved through the central channel, opening up the connection with the Divine through the Sahasrara. The Sushumna Nadi is the channel of evolution, deep joy and balance. Straying away from this central channel endangers not only the evolution of the person having the experience but also the entire collective.

Whilst Shri Mataji cautioned us about visions and special powers as being a sign that the person is far from the central channel and in the hands of entities giving him/her these siddhis, from time to time yogis with strange experiences or visions of Shri Mataji still claim special powers. Some go as far as to pretend to be incarnations of deities, such as the false Kartikeya/ Gyaneshwara in the U.K., false Kalki from Russia or numerous ‘visionaries’ around the world that are ‘coming after’ Shri Mataji to ‘complete’ Her Work.

Innocent or naïve yogis not able to properly feel the vibrations, could end up mesmerized and pulled under the spell. While Mother was with us in Her physical form She would expose the situation and the influence of these individuals would be quite limited. However, without Shri Mataji to denounce them, new false gurus tend to appear and gain influence by claiming to be the channels of Shri Mataji, be able to accelerate our spiritual evolution, have visions or display specific powers or detain unique Sahaja Yoga knowledge.

These ex-yogis try influencing the collective, mainly by promoting themselves in books, on websites, blogs and other media to attract yogis on the promise of a special connection with Mother. Some others promise to fix chakras or cure people by using specific devices or non-sahaja Yoga knowledge and may charge fees for doing so. In some cases the basic dharma of Sahaja Yoga, the pure brother sister relationship, is attacked ending in families being destroyed. Yogis under the spell of these false gurus promote them within the Sangha, assuring other yogis that this is in line with Sahaja Yoga teachings or that it is the next steps of Sahaja Yoga, potentially influencing yogis without sufficient vibratory awareness.

Therefore we would like to remind Sahaja Yogis, like Shri Mataji did in so many of Her talks about the dangers and traps of falling for “special powers” or new techniques of Sahaja Yoga created by so called special yogis deviating from the purity of Sahaja Yoga. Shri Mataji has already given all of us the complete knowledge and all the tools we require to achieve our evolution.

Our focus should instead be on deeply reaching for our Spirit within and finding our own connection with the Divine through regular Sahaja Yoga meditation and embracing the unity of the collective.

With much love from your brothers and sisters from the Central Committee.