Marriages in Sahaja Yoga: the relevance of the IMC

Posted by the Central Committee & filed under Communications.

Dear brothers and sisters,

Amongst the countless blessings showered upon us by our Divine Mother, Shri Mataji, we have been blessed and nourished by the establishment of Sahaj marriages. Through the creation of these subtle and beautiful relationships, She has not only given us the deep and loving companionship for the journey of our spiritual ascent, but has also created with each marriage the establishment of a force which both subtly and overtly works for the establishment of dharma and the founding of a new, enlightened society. She has also brought about the integration of the races and cultures of the world, to create a broader mutual understanding and appreciation of the beautiful variety of the Divine creation that is humanity.

With Her loving attention, Shri Mataji created for us a marriage system which involved a beautiful play of surrender where if we could surrender the marriage to Her, She blessed us with the person who would best complement our nature and give both parties the best chance to grow as yogis. Shri Mataji oversaw the selection process that would follow for many years, but She also trained a number of people in Her approach so that one day this process could continue without Her physical presence. With Her guidance on a selection protocol based on a balance of vibrational compatibility as well as practical common sense, standards were set for the approach to this holy and auspicious work, which led ultimately to the formation of an International Marriage Committee (IMC).

Today the IMC consists of a group of twenty people from around the world, a number of whom were trained directly by Shri Mataji in the process of arriving at appropriate matches. This group works with tremendous care and dedication and with an awareness that their work impacts the lives of Sahaja Yogis very profoundly. Being from diverse countries, their perspective is global and they have been carefully recommended as having has high vibrational awareness in order to ensure they can properly feel the right matches based on vibrations. Their goal is that they should receive Shri Mataji’s guidance directly in the case of every match through their vibratory awareness. The results of the IMC’s work can be seen not only in the many flourishing Sahaj families who have been married by the IMC around the world but also in the level of trust and confidence which is placed on the committee by the global sangha.

As the sangha grows and reaches further into the various countries, it is becoming increasingly necessary to perform marriage ceremonies around the world. While matches are done by the IMC centrally, matched couples finding it difficult to travel to Cabella in a given year may choose to go through the ceremony at a later, more convenient point in time. They may also choose to first get a civil marriage and marry in Sahaj rites later. This happened at the time of Mother and was fine for Her.

Unfortunately, we have heard of instances where certain marriage committees and local committee members tried to exert influence on the outcome of the matching process, allowed favoritism/nepotism to take place or brought in randomly selected members of the sangha to check the vibrations of matches. This never took place under the guidance of Shri Mataji and should never happen today. Having been built on the foundation of direct guidance from Shri Mataji, the IMC can provide the confidence among candidates and the global sangha that the matching process and the marriage ceremony itself are conducted in keeping with the traditions established by Shri Mataji, with objectivity, impartiality and a dedication to vibrational integrity.
The IMC cannot provide any assurance in the marriage process where the marriages are held without their involvement, and we have seen examples where marriages arranged by other means caused confusion among young Sahaja yogis as to the maryadas of the process and created doubts in the institution of Sahaj marriages in general.

For all of these reasons, we feel it important that all of us allow the International Marriage Committee to provide that stability and security of a globally understood and trusted process, which can be supported by the efforts of the entire sangha to help our young people along to the point in their lives where they understand the depth and significance of a marriage in Sahaja Yoga, and trust the process by which they will enter into the beautiful experience of a family life which not only brings them joy, but contributes to the transformation of humanity. We would therefore encourage participation in the marriages arranged by the IMC, for the good of the collective and all of the marriage candidates around the world.

With love,
The members of the Central Committee