Felicitations to the Divine Mother on this most auspicious occasion of Her 100th Birthday

Posted by the Central Committee & filed under Communications.

Praise be to You, Beloved Mother, Parampujya Shri Adi Shakti!

We bow to You in utmost reverence and devotion, in celebration of the holiest and most auspicious event to manifest in the universe – Your birth one hundred years ago in human form as Shri Nirmala Devi.

Today, as it has always been and always will be, we melt and our hearts dissolve when we hear the melody of Your voice and laughter, gaze upon Your smiling face, witness the depth of Your meditation, eternally blessing us; when look upon Your Lotus Feet appearing from under Your sari with their movement working on our chakras, when we observe the beautiful and familiar gestures of Your Hands, when we behold Your Photograph, when at the beginning of a public programme You say,

“I bow to the seekers of Truth”.

Beloved Mother, to our eyes and ears, You are eternally alive. Your perfume immediately takes us back into Your Presence.

You lead us into a state of bliss! How will we ever be grateful enough for all this?

You have given us and taught us so much that 1008 names are insufficient to describe Your Glory, Your Majesty, Your Love and Your Compassion! We sing Your praise with our hearts overflowing with gratitude.

You put us on the path to God Realisation. You showed us the way to doubtless awareness and to know God, to love God, to melt completely into Your Divine Being. You gave us the ultimate Blessing of being able to see You, to know You, to be One with You, God Almighty in Her complete manifested and un-manifested Form!

You encourage and support us every day to keep to our maryadas, seeking simply to remain in the centre, in balance in everything we do, with our hearts, our attention and our minds integrated and silent in Your Presence. You show us the path to seek the nucleus of our being, our Spirit, where You reside forever!

By allowing us to sing Your praise today for all You have given us, You give us more again. You give us the opportunity to grow, within ourselves and as a Collective being.

On Your Birthday, You bestow upon us this golden opportunity to take a quantum leap forward, to really put our attention on this double growth! We desire it deeply and pledge that we will apply ourselves to it, with love, forgiveness and benevolence. We, this Collective being You have created – if only because we are the vehicle of Shri Kalki, which must be strong to do Your and His Divine Work and to perform Your Will.

Thank You Beloved Mother for this and everything, again and again! Thank You, again and again for taking Birth and allowing us to recognize You!

Central Committee