On Unity – Your Help is Needed

Posted by the Central Committee & filed under Communications.

Dear brothers and sisters around the world,

As you may have heard, there is a global project for Shri Mataji’s 100th Birthday which involves making a Birthday offering to our Holy Mother of a symbolic four petalled lotus. The four petals are:

  • Vertical Growth – we make a collective effort to go deeper.
  • United Collective – we offer a truly united collective to Shri Mataji.
  • 100 million en-masse Self-Realizations – we collectively make a huge push to spread self-realization and offer the newly realized souls to Her as a Birthday gift.
  • Divine Heritage – we collectively create the history and heritage of Sahaja Yoga, documenting Her travels and work in every country.

More details about the preparation and celebration of Our Dear Mother’s centenary can be found on the dedicated web site Shri Mataji’s 100th Birthday Celebration.

While we all immensely value growing deeper, spreading Sahaja Yoga and carefully and diligently documenting the great work of Shri Mataji around the world, we face a considerable subtle challenge in the effort to achieve unity. This is where the help of every Sahaja yogi is urgently needed.

There are a number of Collectives in the world where divisions exist – separate groups have formed and the disagreements are sapping the energy and attention of the yogis in those places, making them less effective and no longer manifesting as a united force. Logic would tell us that at the level of the Sahasrara, there can only be unity. Hence, one might surmise that to a greater or lesser extent, where these divisions persist there is some obstacle to complete integration at the Sahasrara.

Over the past many years, the Central Committee has tried to quietly work on these situations – talking both to national councils and to individuals on the various sides of these divisions, attempting to encourage the parties to meditate together, to talk together with open hearts and minds and to listen to each other with respect with the common goal of working out their problems and coming to mutually agreeable solutions.

While we do see gradual signs of progress in some of these situations and feel that there is a vibrational improvement overall, the divisions remain entrenched in many cases. We find in our efforts to bring people together that quite often the concern on one side or on both sides is more with proving the other party wrong than with working out the issues together. There is often an unwillingness to establish a brotherly and sisterly dialogue. One or both sides often demonize the other to the point where they do not want to communicate and have no flexibility or willingness to compromise.

What Are We Asking of You?

While the CC will continue to try to help in these situations, our feeling is that the wider solution to these problems lies at a more grass roots level – that each of us as Sahaja yogis must play a part. First of all, to achieve a meaningful unity in our global Collective, let us all look at ourselves with complete honesty and humility and observe whether there is anything divisive in our own attitudes, our words and our actions. Are we feeding disharmony between yogis or are we building cooperation and understanding? Are we able to forgive or are we holding grudges and nursing old wounds and resentments? This introspection would be a first step to contributing to a more unified Collective.

Beyond this, each of us can contribute to promoting an atmosphere in which it is not acceptable for these divisions to persist indefinitely. Let us encourage open dialogue between the parties in these situations and not allow either leadership or opposition groups to remain comfortable with a divided Collective, with unresolved resentments or tensions. With decorum and humility, let us set the expectation that out of respect for Shri Mataji and Her great work, it is our duty to resolve any issues in the Collective fairly, justly and quickly. It is a top priority to return our Collective to the feeling of a family united in the common purpose of our growth and the growth of humanity.

Each of us can play a role in this effort, and with active participation from all of us around the world perhaps we can offer Shri Mataji a truly united collective in 2023 – not united by means of compliance or submission, not united by compromising basic Sahaj values or at the cost of truth, but united in the attainment of a true, mutually respectful harmony and understanding, together at Her Holy Lotus Feet in the Sahasrara.

With our love and regards and in complete submission to Her,
Your brothers and sisters of the CC