Our Ultimate Refuge

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“…there is no peace in the world unless and until we have peace within ourselves…”

HH Shri Mataji, Brussels, 1st July 1985 press conference

Dearest brothers and sisters,

The world is in turmoil, reeling at the destruction and suffering we see in Ukraine, at the possible escalation into a global conflict, fearing the greater destruction hinted at by nuclear saberrattling and the willingness to cross all boundaries of respect for human life.

The world has witnessed this repeatedly in history and even in current times there are many examples in addition to Ukraine, of suffering and misery, of tyrants oppressing innocent people and of ignorant people following them down the path of the destruction of human life and human values. This is the battle between good and evil that Shri Mataji has spoken about, and She has told us that the stakes are very high – as high as to risk the very existence of human beings. We are meant to be the soldiers of divine love and of truth in this battle, fighting alongside of Her. How can we as Sahaja Yogis be most helpful in these times? How can we establish that state of unified divine love and participate with humility in Her ultimate victory?

The state of thoughtless and doubtless awareness and witnessing is our ultimate refuge, a state which emanates divine love.

Only there, we can rise beyond politics and nationalistic views, beyond feelings of antipathy towards a country and as global citizens, desire goodwill and divine blessings for all.

Only there, we can all merge into the collective consciousness, which is the vehicle of Shri Kalki.

Only there, we are in silent surrender at the Holy Lotus Feet of our Mother.

Only there, we can we go beyond the movement of action and reaction of the agnya and ascend into a higher awareness.

Only there, we clear our hearts and minds of everything that pulls us down and separates us and become vehicles through which our Mother can work – our attention becoming powerful, our bandhans and prayers becoming effective.

The movement of our attention can swing between indifference to the plight of the world on the one hand and over activity in Sahaj techniques and rituals, such as havans, on the other. Neither will lead us beyond agnya, into thoughtless awareness.

This period of global crisis and tragedy is an opportunity for us all to go deeper and higher, to be aware of our attention and where it stands. We must strive to be where we are One as our identification is with the Spirit only, the infinite. We do not know the plan of God, but God acts through us when we are at the axis of silence. We desire peace with all our hearts, but even this Communication of the Central Committee Page 1 www.centralcommittee.info desire must be surrendered at Her Holy Lotus Feet. Let us merge ever more deeply into Her Divine essence and stand together as a force of divine love – our Mother’s instrument at this time of un- precedented spiritual transformation.

Beloved Mother, please protect the innocent people of this world and bring them to Your Lotus Feet!

With love from your brothers and sisters of the CC