Access to the Knowledge of Shri Mataji

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“So in Sahaja Yoga, what I decided that at least I should give Realization to people first, and then I can talk to them whatever I like. Now, I’m talking to you everything and you are understanding it because you are Realized souls, but I cannot talk this to an ordinary person. So we have two types of people: one who are Sahaja Yogis, and one who are not. Of course there are some Sahaja Yogis who are not very worthy of this, I agree, and they may just go back or something, but you can become worthy of understanding all this knowledge because your Kundalini can make you so capable and your Sahasrara so good that you can absorb what I’m saying, and can logically see what I’m saying is true, and you can also verify it, whether it is true or not”. Shri Pallas Athena Puja. Greece, 24 May 1989.

Dear Coordinators and members of National Council,
During Her life, Shri Mataji dedicated a tremendous amount of energy to teach and train Her disciples in the art of spiritual living. So many of us have imperishable memory of the brilliance of the all-knowing teacher, the affection and tenderness of a Mother or the sternness of a guru in correcting our mistakes. Councilor, She guided us; Comforter, She healed, Redeemer, She cleared us. And all this was showered on Her disciples with so much love, elegance and humor. As Shri Mataji is no longer with us in the physical form, this most remarkable aspect of the training She imparted is no longer available to us in this form but we still have access to Her knowledge distilled through Her countless speeches.

Access to the Knowledge of Shri Mataji

This is the treasury at the heart of Her legacy and we must cherish it because it is living. Often, when we hear a tape of a speech, we hear exactly what we need to hear for the present moment, for facing a challenge or addressing a concrete situation. These texts are available for the benefit of all. Listening to them is an essential part of inner growth and greater depth in Sahaja Yoga. It is really a priority. On 21st August SWAN announced publically the launch of that gives broad access to the speeches of HH Shri Mataji. Our heartfelt thanks go for the big job done by members of the NIPC and the NirmalaVidya teams. Access to this knowledge will be easy and free. On the other hand, the site will provide a simple mechanism to donate on line for those who wish to contribute to the costs involved, including the further work of Devi Production (preservation of tapes) that is no longer covered by contributions of the Cabella World Foundation. Shri Mataji would not address yogis, for instance during puja talks, the way She would address people at Her public programs. There are some issues that She knew would best be addressed after Realization, because they are built on people’s own experience of Selfrealization, and it would not be easy for people to absorb this subtle knowledge before their ownership of this experience. The website respects this distinction and is not making all material available to the broad public.

Therefore the NirmalaVidya team is asking coordinators to please approve the registration of the yogis on their collective: “To facilitate this process you can send us a list of confirmed email addresses of the known members of your collectivity and we will register them as pre-approved. This will facilitate their registration.” Email addresses would serve only this purpose. It would be important and appreciated if those of you which have not already done so could respond at your early convenience so that the site can fulfill its mission and become fully interactive and operational. It will be alive because Mother is there but also because Her children respond.

The Members of the Central Committee

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