Open Letter to our Sisters and Brothers in Greece

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Dear Vaibhav, dear Members of the Open Heart Forum,
Dear sisters and brothers,

Through the ministry of the “Western” Adi Guru, Sakshat Shri Socrates, Greece is the birth cradle of democracy and one would hope and pray that Greece is a country where righteous Sahaj leadership can be recognized and enjoyed. Sahaja is not a democracy, it is a theocracy, but collective decision making is Sahaj.

Our beloved Mother and Guru Shri Mataji did say She was relating to the collectives through the leaders She had selected. She also said however that She was taking personal care of them and correcting or firing them when needed.
After the departure of our beloved Mother, various styles of leadership have emerged. We thus take the liberty to offer here at Her Lotus Feet a few observations about leadership and collective decision making.

The attempt of leaders to claim some sort of divine right to remain in position of influence is not as convincing as a demonstrated capacity of leaders to win the hearts of the collective by their depth, benevolence, sound judgment and capacity to integrate.
Indeed we saw leaders in various postures: in position of influence who imposed rules on others but not on themselves, who secured control over the resources of the collective not to share it any longer with anyone else, who demonized those who remained unconvinced by their leadership style and who misled their collective to strengthen their hold over this illusory power.

The problem for their followers is simply that following something that is false is not conducive to growth in yoga.
We also heard protests on the web against such regimes but personal animosity is not conducive to calling the Divine attention that alone shall enable us to meet the sort of challenges we have seen in several countries.
And, last but by no means least, to complete the landscape; we also have seen good leaders questioned by questionable people who believe in democracy through murmuring. How to pick our path?
The style of good leadership advocated by Our Mother and the Adi guru through the writings of Plato is the one we should try to enact in our sangha. It relates to the leadership paradigm flowing from the Eternal Feminine, Our Mother: just and confident but also caring, nurturing, empowering, inclusive and integrating. Not just the dominance of the ‘male’ top down paradigm that has ruled over this Kali Yuga.

For all we heard from various sides, there are a number of children of Shri Mataji in Greece stating very clearly that the present leadership in Greece does not correspond to the standards contained in the above paragraph. We shall not list here their detailed list of grievances, nor shall we explain why we did pay attention to their appeal.
It is of course always a matter of real sadness for us in the CC if children of Shri Mataji do not love each other’s because the sole winner in this case is negativity. Yet, we appeal to wisdom: unity in Sahaja Yoga does not mean just following somebody’s leadership. We need to see how people behave. (Please note our 16th communication on Building up Our Collective you can find on our website).

The CC does not wish to enforce an outcome; it turns to you for guidance. We would now invite our Greek brothers and sisters not to focus on the past but on finding a solution.

  • Would you be willing to write a personal letter to Shri Mataji about the future of Sahaja Yoga in Greece, asking for Her guidance, and to put it in all sincerity and devotion before the picture of Shri Mataji?
  • Would you be able to talk to each other’s to facilitate a more genuine rotation of your Council?
  • Would you be willing to turn to a neutral elder in your collective, to bring your proposal for a more inclusive Council to the attention of the CC?
  • Would you accept that he/she submits to the CC for consideration and advice a revised list of members of the Greek Council? Every one of you can be part of this solution.

Our esteem and gratitude is due to all those who will sincerely try because it would be so helpful if the land of Sakshat Shri Socrates can show us a wise and compassionate way to handle such situations.
With much love, your brothers and sister in the Central Committee

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