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“Putting the light must be the first priority”
HH Shri Mataji Diwali Puja 1994 Istanbul

Her speeches contain the light. On this Diwali 2013, we take the liberty to refer to specific exhortations of HH Shri Mataji. In the above celebration, she tells us “you are to fight the false people who are taking advantage of your seeking”.

She makes the all-important observation that “they take advantage of the fact that the disciple should surrender to the guru”. To make sure we understand She further specifies: “such people are money oriented and they have the expertise to do it”. And, most importantly “ the mistake lies with the people who follow”.

Of course, in this speech, She refers to false gurus outside of Sahaja yoga. But it is our collective responsibility that such behaviors do not crawl unnoticed within our community. Shri Mataji gave us both direct and indirect warning.

Misuse of surrender is harmful to the sangha. Followers may be scared, indifferent, naïve or just manipulated. But, at the end of the day, tolerating wrong (adharmic) behaviors bring darkness.

For instance, yoginis and yogis donate money. The worship of Shri Lakshmi at Diwali calls for generosity from those who give money and complete integrity from those who receive it. One cannot bear fruit without the other.

For instance, someone in a position of authority refuses to consider other views and no questions can be asked because the disciples must surrender to the Guru. But, again, Shri Mataji clearly warned us that no one should take advantage of this principle of surrender that is meant only for the Satguru. Not for the members of sahaj global institutions, not for leaders, not for a member of Her human family, no matter how much we may respect them.

For instance a practice of secretiveness by those in position of authority opens the door to the possibility of an individual or a group getting material advantage out of donations given in good faith for another purpose. No matter how active such people may be, the denial of righteousness is against the principle of the central channel. Along this road, we find abuses, hypocrisy, and finally cynicism. If yogis/yuvas who do not want to be in a sect are lucid enough to see such behaviors, they will reject them but may reject sahaj with it.

For instance, as a rule, yogis should not be paid employees of Sahaja yoga. Shri Mataji made it very clear that the preferred condition of a Sahaja yogi or yogini should be to be a householder that is, having a sufficient source of income outside of Sahaja yoga. Sahaja yoga cannot be an employment agency and the blessings flow when the service is offered without financial remuneration. Legitimate exceptions exist of course, but with full understanding of sahaj principles. SY institutions such as ISPS, Vashi, WF etc… represent such exceptions, where people need to get paid for their work, more over; they should be paid adequately and fairly.

For instance, introducing people on the payroll of Sahaja yoga for doing what yogis were doing free of charge at the time Shri Mataji guided us, could be the beginning of this priesthood that our Guru rejected. If some leaders distribute fees with money they have not earned, as a reward for their own egos, those who accept these jobs may find that the Lakshmi runs away from them.

For example, if, as happened in Russia, a person with little understanding of Sahaja yoga puts emphasis on external factors, spreading the faith, organization, rituals, music tours, rather than the inner growth, what is it that we spread? Naturally a person at this level will see no wrong in getting personal advantage from taking control over the collective. But whether such a person controls from the front or from behind, tolerance of this deviation from Shri Mataji’s teachings hampers perception in the collective of the subtler living reality of Vishwa Nirmala Dharma. Vibrationally there will be obvious problems on left void as the collective follows something false propagated from someone who has become a false guru. Over time it will become harder for the average yogi following this falsehood to feel the vibrational reality and a kind of mesmerism can spread out to affect the majority in the collective.

Aside from such cases, let us give the benefit of the doubt to everyone; let us assume everyone today in our sangha is honest and well meaning and personal animosities are overcome. Still, if Nirmalites accept now a lack of clarity, this will open the door for future abuses.

The negative aspect of money today is destroying nature and society. We must prevent this force to creep in our community and into the accepted behaviors of our sangha. Can we switch on the light, also with respect to the way we manage our affairs? Shri Mataji taught us about the fields of Lakshmi and Alakshmi. Nothing should be hidden when donations or fees are collected in Sahaja yoga, (national councils, schools, health centers, places of pilgrimage), Openness, integrity and accountability in money matters are imperative in our sangha. We must agree on this and engage.

Shri Mataji’s famously strong Diwali speech on corruption in Delhi makes it quite clear that we have to take this matter seriously. Negativity needs not win but the jihad is against our own imperfections, inside, not outside. Let us collectively join hands at local, country and global levels to agree where to bring improvements as required.

During this time of Diwali let us have our full attention on maintaining our own light shining, and keeping up the subtle nature of our own connection. Let us put aside our personal agendas in our effort to be completely absorbed into the silence of the Paramchaitanya. Then, with our mind completely at rest and heart and head bowed down to the Lotus Feet of our Holy Mother, let us pray for Her Divine guidance.

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