A Proposal for an International Havan at New Years Eve

Posted by the Central Committee & filed under Communications.

At the request of sahaja yogis, the Central Committee would like to invite you to join, in small or larger groups, wherever you are, to celebrate a world wide Havan, taking place at 11PM on the 31st December 2014 and going into the New Year. So when the rest of the world will party on the occasion of yet another year bringing an uncertain future, we will rejoice in our certainty of the present moment.

By the Grace of our Mother we are experiencing a time of great expansion and we believe it wise and auspicious to gather ourselves, assert our collective desire and invite additional vibrational force. It is a time when many things are happening around the world while our priority is to spread the message of Our Mother. Recent developments show that, when we support each other in spreading Her Universal Love, the power is with us.

In many countries there has been an increase in the number of public programs and events in order to awaken the Kundalini of thousands of people. Intensity of silence and vibrations in our gatherings is rising.

We wish to recognize May 5th as World Realization Day with a renewed vigor. We wish to sup- port the Inner Peace Day project on 21st of March with our collective attention; it is progressing worldwide. Many projects have been presented for the World Expo 2015 in Milan, events to which we can be partner, allowing for a convincing showcase for Sahaja Yoga, in various forms. The Yuvas are preparing numerous initiatives, including the 2015 Easter tour in Israel and a worship service in Jerusalem with invocations for peace in the Middle East. There are many other equally important events, initiatives and projects that we have not mentioned here.

Many have reported that the international pujas celebrated these two last years in various countries have been uplifting and the dedication of all in Cabella aims at a fresh impetus to our gatherings there. Next year, the International Puja Schedule reflect our humble prayer to activate the redemptive qualities of the deities; we will bow to Lord Shiva in Brazilia; invoke Shri Bhairawa’s protection in Benin and of Shri Kartikeya in New Zealand; we will pray to forge anew our unity through a Krishna puja in Canajoharie; we will pray to unlock the narrow gate of the Agnya through events in Germany, Saint Petersburg and Beijing. We may again go to France for the purification of our attention at Diwali and some of us will be again pilgrims to Mother India for The Birthday and Christmas pujas.

To achieve all these things and more we ask you to join in the collective desire to act as one. Let us pray to remove obstacles to all our projects and events; to maintain the purity and beauty of the legacy of Shri Mataji; to reconcile wherever there is division. Let us pray for a world free of economic exploitation and political violence, for the protection of human rights and family val- ues, for the respect of personal morality and the establishment of Satya Yuga.
Let us ask for the blessing of all the Deities, offering to the Sacred Fire all the negativity that could hinder the spread of Sahaja Yoga, which is the will of our Mother Shri Matataji Nirmala Devi. We urge all our Sahaj World Family to hold this “New Year World Havan” in order to burn all negativity that might try to hinder the successful outcome of all local, national and international projects in progress. If you so wish, we will also communicate the names read on the Maha Havan celebrated with Shri Mataji in Ganapatiphule at the beginning of this millennium.

The Maha Havan of the New Millenium

On the first of January 2000, the first day of the first week of the first month of the year announcing the coming of the third millenium, 7000 yogis gathered in Ganapatiphule to celebrate the Millenium Mahahavan. Here is the inspiration derived from these 51 invocations.

  1. Fanaticism and all fanatics, including in sahaja yoga AUM SWAHA
  2. Fundamentalism and all fundamentalists
  3. Adharma , the corruption of corporations and of the states
  4. All criminal associations throughout the world
  5. The evil of global economic exploitation
  6. All factors contributing to world poverty
  7. All forces against the restoration of Ram Raj in the land of Bharat
  8. All forces against the establishment of sahaja yoga in the world
  9. All the plotters of evil, deceit and treachery
  10. The autocratic clerical sect known as the catholic church and all such bureaucratic falsification of the true inner religion
  11. The Opus Dei the ADFI and all sects, which deny the sense of deeper oneness
  12. All those guilty of blasphemy, calumny and defamation against the Holy Ghost
  13. The fools who would challenge the immaculate name of the Great Goddess
  14. All the enemies of the truth of Our Mother’s Advent, all those attempting to distort Her legacy
  15. All the foes of Adi Shakti ‘s manifestation, including amongst those who pretend to follow Her
  16. All Rakshasas, Yakshas and Mlechas
  17. Obstacles to giving realization and maintaining seekers on the path of spiritual growth
  18. Shallow purpose and superficial attention
  19. Materialism and modernity
  20. The cultural trends of kali yuga that corrupts the youth
  21. Drugs and all forms of dependencies
  22. Attacks against children all over the world
  23. Attacks against the sanctity of marriage
  24. Attacks against our collectivity
  25. The negativity in France and impure attention
  26. Perversion of the justice system and fraudulent litigations against the sahaja yogis
  27. The media conspiracy against sahaja yoga in the West
  28. Authorities expressing oppression and intolerance
  29. Intolerance, white supremacists and racists
  30. Ego, superego and their pitfalls
  31. Lack of innocence and lust
  32. Anger and arrogance
  33. Greed and miserliness
  34. Attachment
  35. Jealousy and envy
  36. Lack of discrimination
  37. Vanity and pride
  38. People trying to use or misuse sahaja yoga for their own purpose
  39. Failure of yogis to meditate and introspect
  40. Negativity to prevent togetherness, friendship and love in the sahaj sangha
  41. Group formation against the unity of the sangha
  42. All temptations of power and leadership, and related abuses which compel yogis to take their distances from the so quote “people in charge”
  43. Our fears, doubts
  44. Our lack of faith and confidence
  45. Our lack of dynamism and vision
  46. Our lack of surrender
  47. All sins against the Father
  48. All sins against the Mother
  49. All diseases in the world
  50. Terrorism and all forms of violence
  51. False prophets and fake gurus


With love and respect,
The Members of the Central Committee