Principles of Our Spiritual Culture

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Dear friends,

We have been approached by many Sahaja Yogis/yoginis recently, who have expressed some serious concerns about the state of SY in their countries and/or internationally. The expressed concerns were about the inner state as well as about governance related issues.

We would therefore like to remind us all on the following principles of our spiritual culture, which we have inherited from our Divine Mother.

1. Thoughtless awareness:

It is without alternative that we should establish thoughtless awareness as a “state of mind”. It is in this state only, that Sahaja Yoga will work as explained and taught by Shri Mataji.

2. Catches:

It is without alternative that we keep our chakras clean and work on evolving towards a state where we have overcome our personal issues and have established a pure and detached personality where the innate divine qualities of our chakras manifest.

3. Negativity:

It is of paramount importance in our individual and collective Sahaja Yoga that we acknowledge the existence and impact of negativity. Negativity works within and without; it can affect us personally and it can affect our collectivities. It is therefore necessary to develop a reliable instrument of vibratory awareness, sharpen our discretion and make our personality immune against any form of asahaj manipulation from inside and outside.

4. Forgiveness:

Forgiveness is a method of cleansing our Agnya chakra and surrendering the matter to the Divine.
It must not be misunderstood with compromising with negativity or with negative people.
While love and compassion is the very core of building our worldwide family, it must be balanced
with a firm alignment behind truth, personal morality and righteousness.
Shri Mataji has always been very clear about the fact that one bad apple can spoil the whole
basket. Indiscriminate sympathy with affected people to the extent that they are allowed to
have a role within the collective, leading puja/havan and even spreading Sahaja Yoga can bring
a collectivity down and can take Sahaja Yoga on a very wrong path.

5. Sahaja Yoga:

Sahaja Yoga is a creation by the Adi Shakti Herself.
Every word She has said and everything She did had a purpose, a meaning and a living effect on
our growth. All has been documented on Audio and Video. She had promised, that She would
not leave, before Sahaja Yoga was completely established. It is therefore our best understanding
that nothing must be added or changed; that nothing must be interpreted in a relative way and
nothing of Her Divine legacy should be compromised because of our own human flaws or false
ideas. We need to listen to Her videos and tapes as the primordial source of ever living guidance and inspiration. We do not seek to quote Her in order to win an argument but we desire to humbly imbibe Her Nirmala Vidya.

6. Open Assembly:

Together with the World Foundation we have recently launched an open assembly in Cabella.
The idea behind this experiment was to stir the ocean of collective intelligence and see what
would surface. It was underlined that this should ideally be performed in a state of thoughtless
awareness in order to become instrumental without identification. We want to believe that the
fluid sahaj intelligence of a thoughtless and connected individual Sahaja Yogi, who does the
right thing at the right time at the right place, can be extended to such a collective exercise and a collective state of pure Yoga can be achieved. Open assembly – meetings, exchanges, that aspire to reach results together in such a state, can be helpful and necessary on a local, and national/international level.

7. Governance:

Sahaja Yoga is not a religious organization nor a cult, but a living spiritual movement, based on our actual connection with the Divine.
Councils and legal structures within Sahaja Yoga are for serving and supporting the collective
growth, but not to dominate or control a collective.
Individuals or groups that use such structures to exercise power over Shri Mataji’s sons and
daughters and force them into uniform protocols and regulations are betraying Shri Mataji’s
culture of the spirit.

Coordinators/councils are therefore invited to always check their own behavior and methods
with the collective and facilitate exchanges in a spirit of trust. Likewise “affected” collectivities should request such meetings in order to express themselves and to establish a fearless, loving and equal communication with their elected councils and coordinators.
We wish all of you very deep and joyful days of Navaratri.

With love and respect – the cc

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