About Becoming – Open Forum of the Sahaj Sangha

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Many of us expressed grief and faced difficulties after the 23rd February 2011, when the Avatar of Our beloved Mother left this earth. The period following the departure of the Founder of a spiritual movement is challenging. At the same time, many positive developments are taking place. We feel a need for healing and renewal, for joining hands and expressing ourselves as one global sangha that manifests its cohesion despite the differences that may exist. The CC has identified a demand to congregate not only for worship (puja) but also for communicating and interacting amongst ourselves (open forum).

We wish to convene such a forum and facilitate with practical arrangements the expression of collective intelligence. The Forum will take place in Cabella, on Sunday Shri Krishna puja as the chakra of the Visshuddhi opens the dimension of spiritual collectivity.


To reach a level of depth where our interaction brings auspiciousness and we collectively feel the presence, protection and guidance of Our Mother on this manifestation of our global community.

To provide an open forum to collect the views and advices of member of the sangha so as to better project our common vision as Children of the Adi Shakti.

Participation in the Open Forum

The idea is to provide to those able to join and opportunity to interact in self organized Working Groups with a focus on selected sub themes topics that will help us reaching closer to the spiritual vision we received from our guru. At the same time individual participants are not as such representing a country, a region or an institution.

SY Open Forum: Becoming the Self, Becoming the Collective Being
  • 10.00- 11.00 OPENING OF THE FORUM
  • 13.30- 15.30 LUNCH BREAK

The proposed Open Assembly is a one-day event organized jointly by the Central Committee and the Cabella Foundation. This communication on SWAN serves as a notice and an invitation. We expect two Facilitators to steer the operational part for the self organization of working groups . Participants proposing a sub theme commit to coordinate a WG to discuss it. The approach aims at stimulating ownership and personal commitment. The participant can select the sub theme, handle it freely, they can attend the WG of their choice and receive the report on all themes discussed in all the WGs.

As the CC convenes this Forum together with the Foundation, it is our most sincere wish that participants will leave the event with the feeling that something good has happened and they were active part of it. It would be appreciated if participants donate at the entrance a 10 Euros contribution to meet the general expenditures of the Foundation.

Expected Outcome

The forum is not expected to come up with guidance for the sangha as participants speak in their own name without representing a group or a country. However a report on the main recommendations and conclusions of the meeting will be circulated for the information of the sangha. The main result hoped for is the enjoyment of our togetherness with the consequent vibratory impact.

We realize of course that attendance is more difficult for brothers and sisters residing in the other continents. Should we decide to follow up with an event that would be truly representative of our global community, we would review this option for next year with enough time for due preparation.


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