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This communication is about the CC meeting with national coordinators and other interested participants at the occasion of the Sahasara puja 2014 and it summarizes the points for discussion and the feedback we got. Hence the text mostly reflects comments from the yoginis and yogis present at the meeting.

Date: Saturday 3rd May 2014
Place: Castle, Cabella

  1. Welcome
  2. Short Meditation
  3. Introduction into the topics by Philip
  4. Open Feedback Circle

General feedback on the function and communications of the Central Committee since its creation
in July 2011.

  • The CC did handle situations well by not acting as a broadcasting radio (over sharing of information) but by trying to provide a balance to emerging situations. On the whole the CC recalls the merits of silence, as opinions circulating on the web do not always add up to knowledge.
  • When specific events deserves collective attention, it makes good sense to inform like in the case of Belapur or the schools, so that the world collective can give enlighten attention/bandhan. The issues linked to the management of some infrastructures were hard to handle, as was the case of the Health Center in Belapur.
  • The communications of the CC have been helpful and, some participants observed, extremely timely. The communications from the CC arrive when we really need them.
  • There should be more focus on the sangha to respect the elders in Sahaj who wish to
    share with us what they received from Our Guru.
  • The level of meditation of the Yogis is not deep enough and books have been written
    to help. We need to concentrate more on how to meditate and about what meditation
    is. Focus must be on the praxis, not talking about it.
  • The sangha is hurt through the events of the last decade and we must reassemble and
    reconcile. The time has now come for the healing process of the collective and for introspection.
  • Legitimate questions concerning the ownership of infrastructures were raised. The
    CC tried to bring clarifications in some cases. We got the answer for Centrassi, not
    yet for Dharamsala.
  • The renewal of the CC should not automatically follow the same process that was
    adopted for its constitution. The process of the next appointment of the CC should be communicated and matters should be put on the table. More comments below.
  • The rights and duties of the CC should be clear and fortunately references are provided in the video of Shri Mataji creating the CC and in its Charter.
  • Various problems in the sangha do not seem to be addressed (i.e.; Chile, Russia, Greece) but it is not clear how far the CC can go without the consensus of those involved in a national disagreement. In this respect the CC issued a communication on the theme of mediation of conflicts. When involved in peace making efforts the CC prefers to act discreetly.
  • We do not know the future but we need to go onto the 7th floor in sincerity. We need the mobilization of the whole collective and this is why the CC does not support processes tending to centralization.
  • We need to put emphasis on the communication from the Sahasara to avoid reactivity. When Sahaja Yoga will be more fully practiced by all, the conflicts will be reduced.
  • We (the sangha) cannot go on fighting against each other but need to learn how to handle negativity. The attention should rather move towards the positive. Quoting HH who had said: “I can handle the bhoots…I sometimes eat them…but you (the Yogis) should not do it…!”
  • Many things can divide us but putting our attention on what She
    has done for us will keep us together. Taking refuge at Mother’s Holy Feet generate forgiveness and this allows us to go all into the same direction
  • We must stand for dharma and face negativity. Unfortunately there is also some black magic working when some individuals use techniques without benevolent intentions.
  • “One catches flies rather with honey than with vinegar” – focus on strengthening the positive but without compromise with what is not dharma.
  • Cabella has a great potential that we must tap more fully. For instance now people come here for cure.
  • A general assembly and interaction would be highly appreciated. This was nice to hear as the CC already has started to invite feedback on the feasibility of a 2015 SY Global Congress and is launching the preparation for an initial Open Assembly this summer. The presentation for this Open Assembly will be the subject of the next communication of the CC (26th).
  • This forum will gather all interested yoginis and yogis that would speak in their own name in the framework of the proposed agenda. The perspective of a First SY global Congress with country representatives in 2015 is under review and, if so desired, a proposal will be sent in due time to the national coordinators.
  • About the CC. There is readiness to reinforce the CC. CC had a very tough job. There were comforting expressions of gratefulness to the CC for the work already done. Some technical support may be offered to the CC. (For instance, attention on the fact that the Link to the mails was out of order on the CC website.)
  • About the World Foundation: focus on practical work , avoid what would divide us. It is all about Her. We are here for our growth. We should not look on institutions and committees if they do their work but look at ourselves deep inside. Whatever institution we are talking about– the first key is SHE and how we respect Her legacy. Renewal of the Central Committee: these were the suggestions from the yogis present on the topic of the renewal/rotation of members of the Central Committee coming up after its first term.
  • Keep few members for the 2nd term of the CC to insure the necessary balance between continuity and renewal.
  • Picking up on the same point. Half of the members should remain.
  • Suggests that some CC members should continue into the next term.
  • Calling on the energy and efficiency of the younger generations. As water goes into different directions, so in the renewal we will also have new people and tremendous personalities coming up.
  • Support for suggestion to fill up the circle of remaining CC members with new members.

Other topics:

World Inner Peace Day (21st March) and World Realization Day (5th of May) processes do welcome empowerment by the CC.

NIPC should be supported and communication can be intensified so that it can be supportive of ongoing initiatives in the light of its mandate.

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