The Ground on Which We Stand

Posted by the Central Committee & filed under Communications.

Further to our 23rd communication, we have recently been approached by many yogis and yoginis requesting information about the situation in India, and we have agreed to offer our view in as much as events at international institutions located in India are of concern to the world collective.
In general we see a trend of SY institutions such as ISPS and Vashi etc. being transformed into streamlined enterprises. We see two competing national associations and parallel puja events, held and organized by either party. As a result we find divisions within the Indian collective, which is officially represented by two conflicting governing bodies, in which some members also appear to be lined up in the two sides of a dynastic confrontation.

Our primary concern however, does not go to the complexity of this situation, nor to the relevant personalities and parties that are involved in it. While we wish only the best to all of them, and hope that they may find the right ways and means to resolve their issues and to please Shri Mataji, our prayer instead goes to each single Sahaja Yogi, who wants to be a mature and enlightened cell in Shri Mataji’s divine body.
Perhaps the following affirmations can be remembered by us all: Let me take full responsibility for my genuine spiritual growth.

Let me take full responsibility for achieving actual self realization and thus rise above all politics and attachments to institutions, places and personalities.

Let my vision be clear and let my discrimination not be polluted by falsehood and illusion.
In the spiritual practice of SY and in the most holy process of second birth exists no worldly relative of Shri Mataji. Let this truth be the ground on which I stand and do honour and justice to my Guru!
Let me grow to full spiritual emancipation and liberation, relieved from all conditionings of my culture, cast, and religion, so that nothing / nobody can manipulate me and that I can achieve the state of Yoga with the lotus feet of my Guru, sakshat Shri Adi Shakti.

On behalf of all Sahaja Yogis, who have all benefited from their visits to Vashi, we would also like to thank Dr. Madhur Rai for her dedicated service to Sahaja Yoga.

Jai Shri Mataji
With much love,

The Members of the Central Committee

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