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A. About celebrations

Yoginis and yogis, together with the Cabella Foundation, have promoted World Day Realization Day on the 5th of May, and recently, national coordinators have similarly been invited to join World Day for Inner Peace on 21st of March. Both initiatives related to our holy calendar deserve our support, imagination and response in 2014.

The ownership of these initiatives belong to all those who will do something with it. The field is yours to adequately celebrate the Gift from Our Mother through these opportunities, and we suggest a two stage approach.

Firstly, let us try to experiment in 2014 and promote these two World Days world wide in every possible sensible way through initiatives of your community, in association with interested parties.
Quite simply, we can at least organize thematic events or public programs on Self‐realization on one hand and meditation/thoughtless awareness/inner peace on the other hand. The packaging, approach or focus may be different but the reality is one.

At a later stage, equipped with the experience gained, we could try to promote these two World Days outside in a more official manner.

Please document the results of your initiatives by sending your feedback to the secretariat of the initiatives (see pdf file for contact details)

B. About handling differences

In a comment on a prophecy made on Her Advent, Shri Mataji observed in Sholapur (30.1.1982) that a Third World War could be avoided if the sahaja yogis love each other. We shall not comment on this statement but please take notice.

No matter what the genesis of differences in the sangha might be, we therefore repeat that a good faith effort at introspection and dialogue is a more promising course to please Our Mother and Guru. Only our genuine connection with the spirit in complete thoughtless awareness will lead us to unity that realizes ones own self in the “other” and is beyond the net of different opinions.

Trying to win a war against brothers and sisters or ostracizing the other side is not particularly sahaj as we observed in our communication concerning Greece. Children of the same Mother can do better and avoid a consequent loss of credibility.

At the same time, we are all fully aware that achieving unity in the religion created by Shri Mataji must be grounded on justice and dharmic behaviors; it is not a bargain with falsehood or a compromise with something that is false.

Serving our community invites us all to move ahead, conscious ofthe stakes, through the willingness and capacity to bridge differences. It is completely feasible. It is necessary.

The good news is that most of us wish to practice dharma and respect the truth. Hence there is certainly scope for reconciliation in many cases if not in all cases. Let us try our best in 2014, mindful of our responsibility. In any case, activating the power of love is something all yoginis and yogis can relate to.

C. A way forwards in India?

In the light of the above, the CC expressed itself several times on the governance situation in India (e.g. 22nd communication), which we consider a country of particular significance and a destination of pilgrimages.

When Shri Mataji instructed the creation of the CC in 2008, She also said India should have its own CC. As the National Trust already existed at the time, it was fair to understand She had something else in mind and thus many wished the creation of the CC /India to be an opportunity for national reconciliation between the National Trust and the Life Eternal Trust. This however was not the case for reasons we shall not detail here but it is still possible and desirable that a good faith effort by both parties, leading to a phased renewal of the CC/India membership, could bring solace and peace to this very large collective. A well-established CC/India would be able to provide advice, as required, on such institutions as the International School in Dharamsala, pilgrimage guidelines or the Health Centers.

The alternative is the further loss of authority and relevance in bodies meant to serve our sangha and this, we suggest, is not the course we should prefer.

Events in India that disturbed the world collective in 2013 such as in our school, turmoil in institutions or more recently, the sickness of visitors in a pilgrimage destination, are often understood as a symptom of a condition where Sahaja does not flow the way we can all recognize it. We can get back together into this flow. Seeking to forge again our unity will help more than continued division. In the meantime the CC will keep in touch with the existing institutions if they so desire but it shall no longer identify the location of international pujas in India as long as the sponsoring institutions do not reach a consensus. We go to pujas to come closer to the Divine, not to side in a competition between schedules.

The International schedule issued by the CC in the future will simply indicate which international pujas will take place in India and pilgrims will have to choose their local destination in the light ofthe schedules presented by the National Trust and the Life Eternal Trust /CCI.

In conclusion, writing about such matters belongs perhaps to our advice and information function assigned by Shri Mataji but, of course, it does not pretend to ref]ect life in our sangha, where so many positive initiatives, dynamic programs and beautiful experiences take place every day. We are confident that the best is yet to emerge out of this grand churning, as was the case millennia ago.

D. Proposed gathering at Sahasara puja in Cabella

The CC in its mid term welcomes an exchange with national coordinators, country representatives, WF and, frankly, anyone interested, to share its experience to this date, invite feedback and discuss the advisable course to take in the future. Exact time and place will be issued at a later stage.

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