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An Update

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Allow us please to share an update on the part of the Central Committee. We have put flexible arrangements for our internal coordination, had two conference calls and shall try to meet physically before the end of the year if possible. Communication We intend to work on a communication concept that we will share in […]

Second Communication

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Dear Sisters and Brothers, The destination that Shri Mataji has set for all Her spiritual children is hugely inspirational. The individual streams of consciousness of each of them is to merge into and reveal a collective consciousness. This shall open access to the universal unconscious, the mind of God. It flows from this vision that […]

The Establishment of a Central Committee

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Dear sisters, dear brothers, On Saturday prior to the Guru Puja 2011, the Central Committee was established as instructed by Our Guru Shri Mataji three years ago. The Committee was created on the basis of a collective process involving over forty countries that sent their list of nominees. It was a straightforward, direct and simple […]